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Annual Report The ICCO Annual Report is available to download in PDF format. All Annual Reports since 2008/09 are available in all four official languages (English, French, Spanish and Russian) in a single document. Download Annual Reports prior to 2008/09 separately in English, Spanish or French; Russian is available only for the 1998/99 edition of the […]


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CB-32-1 -Draft Agenda-french-w CB-32-1 -Draft Agenda-Spanish-w ED(MEM) 1000–Rev.1 Provisional Schedule-May 2016-French-w ED(MEM) 1000-Rev.1 Timetable for May 2016 mtgs -Spanish-w ED(MEM) 1000-Rev.1 Timetable of meetings May 2016-w ED(MEM) 1000.Rev.1 revised timetable – Russian-w ED(MEM) 1001 – logistics fo Dom Rep- Russian-w ED(MEM) 1001 – May 2016 meeting logistics – Dom Rep -English-w ED(MEM) 1001 – May 2016 meeting logistics – Dom Rep -French-w ED(MEM) 1001 – […]

Fine or Flavour Cocoa

What is Fine or Flavour Cocoa? The world cocoa market distinguishes between two broad categories of cocoa beans: “fine or flavour” cocoa beans, and “bulk” or “ordinary” cocoa beans. As a generalization, fine or flavour cocoa beans are produced from Criollo or Trinitario cocoa tree varieties, while bulk (or ordinary) cocoa beans come from Forastero trees. There are, however, known exceptions to […]


Categories World Cocoa Conference 2018 Berlin ( 86 Files ) Cocoa Market Outlook Conference September 2016 ( 13 Files ) World Cocoa Conference 2016 Bavaro ( 65 Files ) Vacancies ( 0 Files ) World Cocoa Directory 2015-16 ( 1 Files ) Cocoa Market Outlook Conference September 2015 ( 15 Files ) Monthly Reviews ( 131 Files ) World Cocoa Conference Amsterdam 2014 […]

Council + subsidiary bodies 26-30Sept 2016 Wembley

Documents Order by : Name | Date | Hits [ Descendent ] AF-10-1 Draft Agenda-English-w AF-10-1 Draft Agenda-French-w AF-10-1 Draft Agenda-Russian-w AF-10-1 Draft Agenda-Spanish-w AF-10-1-Rev.1 Revised Agenda – Spanish-w AF-10-1-Rev.1 Revised Agenda-English-w AF-10-1-Rev.1 Revised Agenda-French-w AF-10-1-Rev.1 Revised Agenda-Russian-w CB-33-1 CB Agenda-Russian-w CB-33-1 Draft Agenda-Spanish-w CB-33-1 Draft Agenda-English-w CB-33-1 Draft Agenda-French-w CB-33-1- Rev.1 Revised Agenda – Russian-w CB-33-1-Rev.1 Draft Agenda-French-w CB-33-1-Rev.1 Draft Agenda-Spanish-w   CB-33-1-Rev.1 Revised Draft Agenda-English-w EC-8-1 Draft Agenda-Russian-w EC-8-1 Draft Agenda-September 2016 -Spanish-w EC-8-1 Draft Agenda – September […]

OUTCOME of the Round Table meeting: The “ACCRA AGENDA”

The Round Table meeting, facilitated by ICCO, and generously sponsored by the Ghana Cocoa Board and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, brought together a unique mix of over 200 participants from 25 countries, representing a broad range of perspectives. The views of all participants were engaged through a series of Focus […]

Cameroon Workshop launches the ICCO’s SPS Cocoa Africa project

An International Cocoa Organization Workshop that began on 7 June in Cameroon marked the launch of a major programme to help African cocoa producers maintain their market access in the face of stringent pesticide residue legislation. Pesticide residue regulations published by the European Union, the USA and Japan could affect the cocoa trade and deprive […]